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Bali Huts Brisbane.

Gold Coast And Brisbane number one choice for stylish custom designed Bali Huts.

Paradise resort style living with our Bali Huts Brisbane.

Brisbane Bali Huts

Improve your home and lifestyle with our magnificent Bali Huts. Put your own spin on paradise resort style living with a traditional or modern balinese hut. Diverse Gazebos and Decks will hand make your brisbane bali hut to suite your budget and requirements. So why not change your porch into a tropical, yet serene paradise today.

Why not let us help you create that perfect relaxing environment so that you can entertain family and friends, put your feet up and relax, hide away from the family and read in peace or a place for the kids to be outdoors but out of the sun. Bali huts have a diverse array of ways that can be used, but most importantly they look stunning and add value to any home.

Create your own paradise resort living.

Let’s connect and get your Brisbane Bali Hut project started.

We now offer finanacing!

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Brisbane Bali Huts Customised

Why spend a fortune travelling overseas for a short term holiday when you can install a customised Bali hut in your own home and feel like you are on holiday all the time. Let us show you what we can do with space and how we can help you create that perfect tropical haven of your very own.

We ensure that all bali huts are waterproofed for added extra protection. We can even ensure that they are fire retardant. Plus in summer it will become your place for hiding from the heat. A bali hut is known to create an environment about 10 degrees cooler. Let us enhance your lifestyle with Bali Huts Brisbane.

We know that not every bali hut is the same. Our bali huts do not compromise on quality. Our expert skilled balinese but builders only use the best quality materials to ensure that your bali hut meets and exceeds your expectations everytime!

Bali Huts Brisbane

Give Diverse Gazebos and Decks a call today. We will come out and chat about your unique requirements, access the area you are interested in installing a Bali hut and then help you come up with the perfect design. We want to ensure that you are thrilled and all your expectations are exceeded. We handle all bali huts from new installations, designs to repairs, maintenance and re-thatching. We install bali huts all over brisbane – we are bali huts brisbane expertes. Let us help you create a living space, alfresco or entertainment area you can be proud of.

Bali Huts Brisbane

Diverse Gazebos and Decks are a family owned and operated business servicing the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. We specialise in Bali Huts, Gazebos & decking. Our customers love our work and our reputation speaks for itself. We are the only company that manufacturs and builds our very own bali huts. We use high quality products sourced from Australia’s biggest local companies. With us, you receive top quality!

No one builds Bali Huts, Gazebos and Decks like we do.

Customers love Diverse Gazebos and Decks. Because we are the only Company who manufactures and builds our Bali Huts, Gazebos and Decks from scratch. Using High quality products sourced from Australia’s biggest local companies. Our Warranties are top of the range to help provide the customer satisfaction.


We take pride in our products. We take the quality of our Builds very seriously.


Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us.


We use the highest quality materials in the construction of our Outdoor Spaces.


We are committed to giving you an enjoyable experience.


We will make sure that you get only the best quality Gazebo, Patio & Deck that's our promise.


Our Gold Coast Structures are 100% waterproof and built to last.

Product Features

  • 100% waterproof Bali hut with correct installation.
  • Natural insulation qualities. Outside heat can be reduced up to 10 degrees.
  • We use the highest quality materials in the construction of our Bali Huts.
  • No battens required, only rafters.
  • High insulation – provides the coolest shade in summer.
  • No mildew, no cleaning and minimal maintenance required.
  • Bali Huts 100% UV protection.
  • Bali Huts will enhance your lifestyle with unique character and atmosphere.

Thatch breathes naturally. It provide cooler shade properties than tin, clay and concrete tiles, polycarbonate sheeting and shade cloth.

Bali Huts Brisbane

Design Your Backyard Getaway with Bali Huts Custom Built in Brisbane

Designing your own Bali huts for your Brisbane property will create an oasis for friends and family without leaving your own backyard. Our team works with you to customise the hut for your space, and when ready, we will build your getaway with high-quality Australian materials.

Key Questions to Ask Diverse Gazebos & Decks About Balinese Huts in Brisbane

At Diverse Gazebos & Decks, we have the knowledge and experience to answer all your questions about Balinese huts.

  • Will the thatching protect us from the sun and rain? Absolutely! The thatching is entirely waterproof and will protect anything placed under it from the rain. The hut’s roof protects you from the direct impact of the sun, both its rays and heat. We have found that our huts reduce the temperature by twenty percent more than other products on the market – which means you can relax outdoors, even on the hottest day. By placing your outdoor furniture beneath a Bali hut, you protect it from the elements and can enjoy your comfortable furniture for many years.
  • What materials do you use and what are your warranties? We have been operating for over five years but have over thirty years’ experience in residential and commercial manufacturing industries. Our huts are built using a variety of hardwood, including Australian and New Zealand treated pine. We build to Australian Building Regulations and Standards and offer both a structural and workmanship warranty.
  • What about maintenance and repairs? Balinese huts are built with natural materials, so they will experience wear and tear over time and require maintenance. Just like any outdoor wood structure in Brisbane, you will need to coat or seal the wood every few years to protect it from the elements and maintain its appearance. The roof will also require maintenance or repair as the natural elements damage the thatch. Our team offers preventative maintenance and restoration services to restore the look and function of your hut’s roof. We manage everything from small repairs, partial or full re-thatching.

Why Choose Diverse Gazebos & Decks?

We are a family-owned-and-operated business, known for our custom and hand-crafted outdoor features. We design and build everything from fences and decks to gazebos and carports. Contact us to learn more about our Bali huts and other services.

Diverse Gazebos & Decks Are Proud Members.

Our work is completed to the highest standards by suitably qualified experts. Our knowledge and experience is demonstrated through the licences and memberships we hold.

We use only the Best Materials!

We offer the finest quality product backed by the industry leaders. We ensure that every project we take on uses only the best materials to ensure a stunning durable finish.

  • Ausdeck
  • Cabots
  • Suntuf
  • Unicote
  • Miami Stainless
  • PolySun
  • Feast Watson
  • Colorbond
  • Sikkens
  • Sikkens
  • Laserlight
  • Hardwood

Transform your backyard into a tropical and tranquil space with our Gazebos, Patios & Decks.