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Diverse Gazebos, Certegy Ezi-Pay

36 Months Interest-Free Payment..


Certegy Ezi-Pay

We understand that not everyone can pay upfront for what they need. That’s why at Diverse Gazebos, we use Certegy Ezi-Pay 36 Months Interest-Free Payment.

Certegy Ezi-Pay payment plans allow you to make purchases by paying an initial deposit and then repaying the balance in fortnightly instalments. Besides the fees for managing the account, you pay zero interest and you can use the account for a maximum of 36 months.

Certegy Ezi-Pay offers customers payment plans that work like revolving credit accounts. You can either apply when you’re about to shop, or can get pre-approval online, which you pay an initial deposit for your purchase, and then pay off the rest of the amount in instalments.

Your credit increases as you pay off the purchase and you can use the revolving credit for up to 36 months. You can make multiple purchases with your credit, but you’ll be charged a fee of $22 for every additional purchase.

Features of Ezi-Pay:

  • Zero Interest – Customers pay no interest for the duration of the repayment period
  • Wide network – Ezi-Pay is accepted by a wide network of businesses, such as Diverse Gazebos
  • Additional purchases – After you’ve made your first purchase and deposit, you can continue shopping with your available credit
  • Accessibility- You can manage your Ezi-Pay account online or with the smartphone app



While you won’t pay interest on your repayments, the following fees still apply:

  • Establishment fee – You will be charged an establishment of between $35 and $90 for setting up your account. You pay this fee off over the repayment period
  • Fee for additional purchases – While you can use your credit for more than one purchase, you will be charged a fee of $22 for each additional purchase
  • Monthly fee – A monthly account-keeping fee of $3.50 will be debited from your account as long as it stays open
  • Payment fee – A processing fee of $2.95 is charged with each payment
  • Late payment fee – Certain charges and fees are levied for late payments