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Thatched Bali Huts Gold Coast.

Turn your home into a tropical oasis.

Create your own resort lifestyle with our custom Thatched Bali Huts Gold Coast.


Gold Coast Thatched Bali Huts

A Gold Coast Thatched Bali Huts instantly lend to a resort lifestyle. Allowing you to bring the outdoors in creating a home for entertaining or simply a relaxing environment with nature. We build beautiful Thatched Bali Huts Gold Coast. This popular product gives you the perfect opportunity to cool off in the summer months due to thatching which provides an area, 20% cooler then any other product on the market whilst giving that ever-lasting Bali ambiance. Installed by Diverse Gazebos and Decks, you are guaranteed the Gold Coast Thatched Bali hut is 100% waterproof, the frame is built with Australian / New Zealand treated pine, providing a top quality product built to Australian Building Regulations & Standards.

Thatch Structures are available in various shapes and sizes. All are custom made to suit your unique requirements and to fit any area, small or big. Every thatch bali hut utilises the best available materials to provide a quality of finish that will withstand environmental elements over time.

Create your own paradise resort living.

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Balinese Thatched Gazebo.

Choosing the right retailer is very important. We understand that a thatched structure is a big investment. The most important thing to consider when looking to install a thatched structure is the quality of the thatch and the structure. When installed correctly all thatched products are 100% waterproof. The lifespan of a thatch depends on the quality of the structure and general weather conditions. We take every measure to ensure that your get the best lifespan out of your thatched structure.



Optional Extras

• Handrails
• Entertaining Bar
• Bench Seats & Storage Boxes
• Steps or Ramps
• Balustrade Glass, Timber or Stainless Steel Wire
• Privacy Screens
• Decking

If you are looking for any other optional extras, chat to our team and we will gladly assist you to source and install them. Rest assured that we have you covered from start to finish.

Transform your backyard into a tropical and tranquil space with our Thatched Bali Huts Gold Coast.

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Create the Lifestyle

Looking to create the perfect piece of paradise at home? A Thatched Bali hut is essential to creating that all natural relaxing environment. A Thatched Bali hut Gold Coast is naturally insulated and allows for a cool relaxing piece of heaven. Thatch Bali huts are great for absorbing sounds and stopping nosy neighbours from watching what you are getting up to. Why not fall in love with your home by installing your very own Gold Coast Thatched Bali hut to create a place of tranquility!

Diverse Gazebos work tirelessly to build and maintain our reputation as Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Tweed Heads preferred premium supplier of thatch and thatched structures. Our hard work, dedication and experience means that you can rest assured that your structure will be of the highest quality and structural integrity.

If you have any questions or would like a member of our team to come out and view your area then contact us. We will help you design the perfect structure that will exceed all your expectations.


Why Choose Diverse Gazebos?

We take pride in our products. We take the quality of our Bali Huts very seriously.

Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us.

We use the highest quality materials in the construction of our Bali Huts.

We are committed to giving you an enjoyable experience installing your Bali Hut.

We will make sure that you get only the best quality Balinese Hut and Gazebo.

Our Gold Coast Bali Huts are 100% waterproof and 100% safe for humans but deadly for termites.


Product Features

  • 100% waterproof Bali hut with correct installation.
  • Natural insulation qualities. Outside heat can be reduced up to 10 degrees.
  • We use the highest quality materials in the construction of our Thatched Bali Huts.
  • No battens required, only rafters.
  • High insulation – provides the coolest shade in summer.
  • No mildew, no cleaning and minimal maintenance required.
  • Gold Coast Thatched Bali Huts 100% UV protection.
  • Thatched Bali Huts Gold Coast will enhance your lifestyle with unique character and atmosphere.

Thatch breathes naturally. It provide cooler shade properties than tin, clay and concrete tiles, polycarbonate sheeting and shade cloth.

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Our work is completed to the highest standards by suitably qualified experts. Our knowledge and experience is demonstrated through the licences and memberships we hold.

Diverse Gazebos & Decks Members of QBCC. - Queensland building and construction commission.

Diverse Gazebos & Decks Members of Master Builders.

We use only the Best Materials!

We offer the finest quality product backed by the industry leaders. We ensure that every project we take on uses only the best materials to ensure a stunning durable finish.


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