//Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Deck Looking Good All Year Round

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Deck Looking Good All Year Round

A good deck is one of the most important elements of your home, especially if you love entertaining guests. It is a high traffic area that suffers from constant wear and tear. Not only that, it is exposed to sun, rain and other harsh elements of nature. As a result, the wood starts to weather, soften, crack and change colours.

Maintaining your deck is not just about its appearance. You also need to ensure that you maintain its structural condition. Below are some of the tips and tricks to keep your deck looking good all throughout the year.

Inspect Your Deck Every Spring

Winter can damage your deck slowly. That’s why it is important that you schedule an annual inspection of your deck every spring. You should look out for loose boards and screws, cracks, rotting wood, protruding nails, split boards, development of mildew, and other parts that might need repair.

It is important that you should not just inspect the appearance of the deck. You should also look at the frame, joints, and beams that support it. Make sure that the metal parts are free from rust and other corrosions.

You should also walk around the deck and check for dry rot or mould. You should also look for leaking pipes outside your home that can damage your deck and another element of your home that you need to inspect is the gutter system. Also check to ensure that your deck is aligned correctly.

Clean Your Deck

A lot of people neglect their decks and forget to clean it, especially when winter is coming. Cleaning your deck on a regular basis is the most cost effective method of making your deck look good and at the same time extending its lifespan.

The first thing you need to do when cleaning your deck is to get rid of the mould, moss or any debris that have accumulated on top of the deck. You will need a stiff brush for this task. Then wash the deck down with a pressure washer or hose to get rid of any excess dirt.

We also recommend sweeping it regularly. That way there will be no build-up of moss, leaves, and other stuff on the surface of the deck. To remove stubborn stains, you can use industrial cleaning solution or a power spray.

Restoring the Deck

If the deck is already worn out, you might want to apply a deck restorer to return it to its original colour before adding any sealant. When using a restorer, you should work on a small area of the deck at a time. You need to apply, scrub and rinse each area and that can take around 15 minutes to complete.

You should clean and dry the deck first before applying the restorer. Once the surface is clean, apply the restorer onto the surface of the deck with the use of a stiff brush or pad. Let it stand for around an hour before you rinse it thoroughly.

Seal Your Deck

Weather changes can cause damage to your deck’s wooden surface. That’s why we recommend sealing the deck at least once each year. The type of sealant to use depends on the deck that you have.

Two of the most common options on the market today are water-based sealants and oil-based sealants. While water-based sealants don’t last as long as oil-based ones, water-based sealants are friendlier to the environment. Sealants come in different colours, and you can choose the right one that suits the design of your deck.

Avoid using paint as a sealant. It might look good when it is first applied, but it will deteriorate fast due to the high foot traffic. If you change your mind in the future and want a more natural-looking deck, you will need to completely remove the paint first.

Prepare Deck before the Start of winter

To avoid accumulating moisture during the winter, remove any planters, barbecues or furniture from the deck every fall. Put them away in storage. Make sure you check the space between the boards of the deck for leaves that can block water drainage.

These are some of the things that you need to do to maintain the appearance of your deck the all year round. Regular maintenance will ensure that your deck will not only look good but will also last for a long time.

September 5th, 2017|